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Richard Gunning

Richard Gunning was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is co founder of Reach The Unreached Ministries together with his wife Agnes and Pastor Peter Karangu. Richard accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour at the age of 21 and soon sensed a call to preach the gospel. In 1982 Richard went to Norway where he studied for one year at "Evidence of Faith Bible and Missions Institute" (in Norwegian "Troens Bevis"), founded by the late Norwegian evangelist Rev Aril Edvardsen. Richard met Peter Karangu from Kenya during his time in Norway and the two became firm friends, eventually the Lord led them to found Reach The Unreached Ministries in 1990 in Kenya. Richard and Agnes have been happily married since 1988, they are based in Northern Ireland, near Belfast, and have three sons. Richard leads the work of RTU worldwide from the Northern Ireland head offices and frequently travels to other countries to lead great gospel campaigns and pastors conferences; he also ministers in various European countries and is in demand as a preacher in his native Northern Ireland. In 2002 Richard founded a network for campaign evangelists called ACE (Association of Campaign Evangelists), Richard is a member of the board of ACE, having served as chairman for 14 years, 2002 - 2016.


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Peter Karangu

Peter Karangu comes from a remote area of Kenya called Tharaka where his late grandfather was a famous witch doctor. Peter was being trained to follow in his grandfather's footsteps when he was dramatically converted and led to the Lord by a travelling native evangelist called Wilson. The Lord turned Peter into a fiery preacher of the gospel and he soon proved to be an effective soul winner. Soon Peter was ordained as a full time minister of the gospel by his denomination and was sent to Norway for further studies where he met Richard Gunning and later co founded RTU Ministries in 1990. Peter directs RTU's work in Kenya from the regional head offices in Meru in central Kenya, he also travels to other nations to preach and teach the Word of God. Peter is married to Monica and has five grown up children.


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Martin Goodchild

Martin Goodchild comes from England and has worked for many years with YWAM. He first met Richard when he moved to Belfast in 1988 and accompanied Richard and Agnes on their first ministry trip to Kenya in 1989. As the work grew and expanded Martin started to help develop the work in Africa and soon became a key field worker with the ministry. Martin has had particular responsibility for the work in Kenya, together with Peter Karangu and the local leadership. Martin was for many years involved in the leadership of ACE (Association of Campaign Evangelists) where he sat on the board and took a major responsibility for overseeing follow up after our gospel campaigns. Martin is married to Susie and is based in England.



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Frank Galbraith

Frank Galbraith is from Belfast , Northern Ireland and is RTU’s treasurer. Frank has been involved in RTU since it was founded. Frank is responsible for the accounts in the ministry, PAYE, gift aid etc. His wisdom and experience from the financial world is a great asset to RTU, making him a valued member of the team. Frank is married to Pauline and has two grown up children, he is lives in Belfast where he is involved in his local church.