A brief history.


Reach The Unreached Ministries was founded in January 1990 by Richard and Agnes Gunning from Belfast, Northern Ireland and Kenyan Pastor Peter Karangu. Richard and Peter first met when studying at a non-denominational Bible School in Norway in 1982; they became firm friends and continued to keep in touch after finishing their studies.

In 1989 Richard and Agnes visited Kenya, at Peter Karangu's invitation, to hold outreach meetings and a great pastors' conference attended by over 600 local pastors from all over Kenya. In 1990 Richard and Agnes returned to Kenya as missionaries and, together with Peter Karangu, established RTU as a mission to unreached tribes and areas.

The Lord greatly blessed their efforts and soon over 115 men were receiving support from RTU Ministries. Soon RTU began holding large gospel campaigns in needy towns; thousands came to the Lord in these inter-denominational rallies and many also testified to being healed in Jesus' name. To date nearly 1,000 churches have been planted by these men in remote and previously unreached areas

In 1993 Richard visited Russia and Asia, preaching the gospel to large crowds and training and inspiring local pastors and evangelists for future outreach and church planting. In Asia up to 20,000 people were present in a single evening meeting. over the years more than 200 local pastors have received support from RTU Ministries. Hundreds of new churches have been planted as a direct result.

Richard Gunning has also preached the Gospel and inspired believers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Republic of Ireland,  Richard is also in regular demand as a guest preacher and evangelist in churches in his native Northern Ireland. Richard preaches a message everyone can understand and also ministers to the sick in his meetings.

To invite Richard to your church or home group meeting please contact us office@rtuministries.co.uk or call us on +44 77 66 46 42 48. In UK please call 07766 464248.


Association of Campaign Evangelists.


In 2002 Richard Gunning launched a network for campaign evangelists from different countries and different ministries called ACE (Association of Campaign Evangelists). Today more than 40 evangelists from different nations are cooperating through the ACE network. ACE is a network, not an organisation.

The aim of ACE is to enable different campaign evangelists to cooperate and help each other by holding multiple campaigns across a state or nation. This strategy has proved to be very effective, for example in Burkina Faso in West Africa alone 58 campaigns have been held since 2006, involving many ACE evangelists.. Our campaigns are targeted on smaller, unreached, regional towns where no campaign has ever been held before, we do not normally target large cities where other evangelists have held big campaigns in the past. The campaigns are usually followed up through support for local pastors who follow up new believers and plant new churches after the campaign is over. In Burkina Faso over 200 new churches have been planted as a direct result of these campaigns.

Opportunities are also given to young evangelists to develop their ministry and gain experience by travelling and ministering with more experienced preachers. Each year all the ACE evangelists come together in Europe for a wonderful annual conference where plans are laid, contacts made and friendships renewed.

For more information about ACE please feel free to contact us.