Gospel Campaigns

Since 1991 Evangelist Richard Gunning and his team have held many great gospel campaigns and pastors conferences in Africa, Asia and Russia. Thousands of people have been won for Christ in these meetings and many others have testified to healing in the name of Jesus Christ.

These campaigns are inter- denominational in nature and involve pastors and believers from different church backgrounds. The campaigns are held in key towns where such outreaches have never been held before. During the daytime training conferences are held for the local pastors and church members. Usually RTU Ministries will pay all the food, travel and accommodation expenses for all the delegates, our supporters and partners at home make all this possible through their faithful prayers and support. Each campaign and conference has a budget of around £8000.

In 2002 Richard Gunning and RTU launched a network  for campaign evangelists called ACE (Association of Campaign Evangelists). ACE is a network for campaign evangelists from different countries and different ministries. The aim of ACE is to cover whole states or nations with local Gospel campaigns by cooperating together whilst still maintaining our own identities. In certain places RTU undertakes the support of local pastors who follow up new believers and plant new churches.

Plans are regularly being finalised for campaigns and conferences in Africa and Asia. RTU and evangelists in ACE have trusted contacts in many nations who plan and co ordinate our campaign strategy in each nation. These National Directors work closely with a senior ACE evangelist who assists them in arranging a series of ACE campaigns in their state or nation. In this way a whole series of campaigns can he held in strategic towns right across a state or nation in a short space of time. Our goal is to saturate whole states or nations with gospel campaigns, training seminars and teams of dedicated local pastors who take care of the vital follow up work.

The prayers and financial support of our partners make all of this possible. 
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