Native Evangelists


Since 1990...

RTU Ministries has been convinced of the importance of training, supporting and equipping native evangelists to go and reach their own people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the years over 200 evangelists in different countries have received support from RTU Ministries.


Spreading the Word through...

• Personal Evangelism.

• Open air meetings and local crusades.

• Meetings in churches and homes.

• School meetings.

• Visiting prisons.

• Showing films e.g. 'The Jesus Film'.



Native evangelists have many advantages over traditional 'western' missionaries.

• They understand the culture and language.

• They can cope with harsh conditions.

• They do not need visas or permits.

• They require much less financial support than 'westerners'.

Continued Support

RTU Ministries channels support through trusted contacts and leaders in various lands, these leaders are responsible for:

• Distributing support to native workers.

• Sending reports from workers to supporters at home.

• Training, encouraging and helping the workers.


Can you help?

Why not adopt your own Native Evangelist?

We have many native evangelists in different countries that need support - from £20 up to £100 per month depending on the country. You can choose how much you wish to give. Please email us for more details or call us on 028 9187 7810 (UK) or +44 28 91 87 78 10 (int.)

Please also pray for your evangelist. If you wish to donate securely online please click here. Cheques should be made payable to "RTU Ministries" and posted to the address at the bottom of this page, thank you!